Online lessons

Yvonne offers online private and group lessons

Suitable for any condition and age.

  • The time and place is absolutely your choice. No need to rush to a studio or gym. I am there for you seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm Amsterdam time (CET time zone).
  • NEW: PILATES PARTY! If you gather 4 people or more for a weekly lesson, I can offer you a private group lesson. As always without music, but with people you know in real life! How is that?
  • The software is easy and free. I use most of all zoom.  You only need a smartphone, ipad, tablet, laptop or pc.
  • If you prefer, you can stay invisible in a group lesson: just switch off the camera so nobody can see you, but you can still see the teacher.
  • Online is cheaper:

A group lesson is 10 Euro

Private lessons are 40 Euro and 200 Euro for a card of  5 lessons or 

90 Euro for 3 lessons (absolute beginners).

All moves are guided with breath patterns to help your body to slow down and move with ease and comfort!

Feel welcome to try and join in.

If you have no prior experience or would like first to meet me, we can arrange a free of charge 15 min phone talk or videochat . Let me know!

Normally the lessons are in a huge 90 m2 room with a floor heating system, there is a dressing room and there are showers. In Amsterdam Oud west.

For answers to any questions, inquiries please whatsapp me via 06 – 34 56 08 92 in Dutch, English or German.
Yvonne Lesser