Feel one with your nature

Joseph Pilates saw that modern man and woman do not move vitally.

His aim was to teach people to move freely again, as seen in little children and animals.

Together we will ensure that you regain your strength and flexibilty, so that you feel one with your nature again.


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If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young. (quote from Joseph Pilates)

Pilates is a movement method that has been around for 100 years. Invented by Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1883 – 1967), who was born in Germany and died in the US. Ever since Pilates is done by dancers, athletes, actors and others to effectively recover from injuries and pain and to perform better. Pilates excercises also prevent injuries in sports or daily life .


Rise Stronger Pilates is modern Pilates. Modern Pilates is a full-body and low intensity movement method.

You do exercises to find your deep muscles again. Stretching hydrates your fascia and makes you feel smooth again. Conscious breathing calms your nervous system. By paying more attention to your sensations in your body, you restore the balance between the muscle groups. All this makes you more flexible and powerful in daily life.

At Rise Stronger Pilates we practice without any stress and performance pressure, step by step.

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  • better breathing
  • flexibilty and vitality
  • more strength, healthy posture
  • healthy muscles, tendons and joints
  • better performance in sports and martial arts
  • recovering from exhaustion, burnout, pain, injuries
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You practice movements on a mat or a reformer or wunda chair and then apply it in your daily life: sitting on your chair, in the car, on your bike, during care for a child or cooking.

It starts with your conscious and deep breathing. By focusing your attention on your breathing, your nervous system relaxes. Only a healthy nervous system and a focused mind can control your deeper muscles. Each exercise always starts with finding a stable position from which you can make a powerful movement.

Rise Stronger Pilates invites you to a peaceful space for private personal lessons. Yvonne creates a lesson program based on your individual situation.

You are always welcome. Whatever stage of your life or whatever state your body is in.

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Contact us for a free 20 minutes consultation. This can be done on the phone, via zoom or in the studio in the Rivierenbuurt in Amsterdam.

Mail to yvonne@risestronger.nl for an appointment.

Pilates is een bewegingsmethode die reeds 100 jaar bestaat. Uitgevonden door Joseph H. Pilates (1883 – 1967).

Pilates is een bewegingsmethode die reeds 100 jaar bestaat. Uitgevonden door Joseph H. Pilates (1883 – 1967).